Li-Ion Battery for IBM T20 Series Series

Li-Ion Battery for IBM T20 Series Series

Li-Ion Battery for IBM T20 Series Series

Li-Ion Battery for IBM T20 Series Series 

This is a Brand New 6 Cell IBM Boxed Original Product
Stay unplugged longer with the help of a spare ThinkPad system battery. Help increase your productivity due to longer system run times. Get the power your need whenever and wherever you need it.

Compatible ThinkPad Models:
ThinkPad: T20, T21, T22, T23.
Machine Types: 2647, 2648.

Replaces IBM part #s 02K7028, 02K7027, 02K6620, 02K7032, 08K8026, 02K6621, 02K6626, 02K6627, 02K6649, 02K6857, 02K7025, 02K7026, 02K6858, 02K6859, 02K7029, 02K7030, 02K6644, 02K6645.

Product Specifications:

Rating 10.8V
Capacity: 3600mAh
Size: 5.50″ x 3.30″ x 0.80″
Color: Black
Technology: Lit-Ion
Condition: Brand New

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In the viticulture forum one was made attentive on a new catch. Since I am a fan of innovations and changes anyway, the new Zork catch pleases me genuinly well.

Looks times here:

The discussion in the viticulture forum goes in my opinion little into the wrong direction. To me seems, everyone has fear of new catches and would like it out at the most on the cheap wines to try.

I legend, which is to become generally accepted at the customer, must on the most expensive wine first!

If the catch of the cheap wine moves upward to the expensive wines, then the customer will understand it as economy measure. If I can make clear for my customer that I protect my best wine with this new catch, then he will like him and it as convincingly will notice.

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Young wine sample

On Monday our young wine sample of the 40/2er graduates took place.

That was interesting. My wines a “handwriting” was certified, what satisfies me much. In addition they, so far recognizably, are error free. That makes me happy much. I did not want more at the beginning.

Now still the last hurdles (stabilization, filling, etc.) take and then hope I to get the wines well into the bottle.

Thank you again at Mr. Bach of the DLR for its self-sacrificing time.

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Quiet putting premiums

When I am taken off to the Rebschnitt this weekend, met I mean vineyard neighbours in the steep rock slope, which offered its vineyard to me for the lease or for the purchase.

Unfortunately I had to reject thanking. Thereupon it said to me, well then became it the Wingert stop evenly roden. Ask? Equal radical measures seize? I suggested managing the vineyard nevertheless still another one year extensively e.g. with tap cut, in the next year am it to me rather possible the vineyard to be taken over.

Oh no, got I thank to hear, this year would still give it around the 80 cent subsidy für’s to Roden. There it would rather take the money and would make the Wingert flat.

Thus I understand that correctly: One gets money of the European Union for the fact that one lets a singular wine culture landscape down-lie and destroys???

How can be? Who invented such hahnebüchenen mischief? I can understand that the European Union is interested in it small subsidy-corrosive enterprises to become loose, after it maneuvered itself with a devastating policy of subsidizing into the misery, but that sowas thereby probably the summit is rauskommt.

Money should give it at the most, if vineyard surfaces are transferred to enterprises, which continue to manage the surfaces, not for it that one the Moseltourismus sabotaged.

Where still is all this to lead???

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2,43 €

As much average German households in the LEH or Discounter paid German wine for a bottle in the year 2004.

I am about to read the market study report 4-2005. There it means among other things:

If one compares the average value of 2,43 €, the households ready was in the trade for German weissweine to be paid, with the value of 2,31 € for imported weissweine, then here still another price preference of 0,12 is present €/L in favor of German weissweine.

This comparison occupies the hard price competition, domestic wines by the open borders and the competition with the entire global wine world are suspended which.

Here it is pointed out that in the European neighboring countries
a comparably with wine production as for example France, Italy, Spain and Austria as well as Switzerland hard shelf competition do not prevail. Therefore are the domestic winegrowers strives by attractive wines from their international competitors – both qualitatively and in the quotation – to set off.

We Germans are already an amusing people. Everything must be as cheap as possible, but come exotically and from far on (wine e.g. from Chile, Australia, South Africa). If the producer is then geknebelt up to the existence threat, we are surprised that then scandals arise (see meat scandal) and to cry after laws.

Finally the consumer gets always what he earns, finally has it the choice between quality and cheap commodity.

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Burning stone-cutter

Last week was I with my Winzeraspirantenkollegen Dieter sun in Veldenz. He is originally a stone-cutter however already since some years of successful noble burners in the Cor Vernum, a combination of manufacturers of noble fires.

Which it probably now in addition drives also still wine to manufacture…?

If wine should be however the quality of its fires to reach, stands to success nothing more in the way. I saw gold medals under his Schnäpsen, Trestern and fires nearly only and nothing Unprämiertes. Down see to her the Cover of a book, in which it is perpetuated as quality-creative already (ISBN: 3898803120)

Now I understood also finally in the detail, an how so Destillerie functions, although their handling needs still a quantity of experience.

I hear lately again and again that burning Trester no more is not worthwhile itself, in addition line up a law change, starting from those one then all high-per cent to pay duty must…

Clearly – the deliveries to the state are not straight few for 100 litres material, but there we are again with the question, the Retabilität. Cost control is only one side of the Medallie. With the high-per cent the costs are rather fixed and therefore must the selling price be correct. If one delivers hektoliterweise cheap Fusel to the trade, nothing comes with rum – except the destruction of the good reputation of the Tresters.

Result: Quality must be produced, which marked themselves out then also worthwhile on the bottle leaves.

I will not collect in any case my yeasts around it this year to burn – despite 6,2 litres of alcohol delivery per hl material – already alone around my fuel contingent to lose.

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Annual report – Rebschnitt

In a small series of articles I will recapitulate now again the work of the yearly and will analyze all accomplished work. Today the first part about Rebschnitt.
Altogether four vineyards were managed:
Klüsserather brother shank (butter mountain) – a Vertikoanlage with wuchstarker document in best situation
Köwericher Laurentiuslay (down) – an extremely steep vineyard in Moselpfahlerziehung
Köwericher Laurentiuslay (above) – a vineyard in Moselpfahlerziehung on stony soil
Leiwener Laurentiuslay – an easily steep vineyard in pendulum elbow education.

The Rebschnitt was begun quite late 2005 according to first estimate, which however from health view for the vines is favourable. Therefore this is to make so far it work technical can, be maintained.

The expenditure was higher in the Vertiko than with the other vineyards. Due to the large number taps, had to be made per stick of at least 30 cuts. Although in the vineyard each second row was already removed, it stands still too closely for another Vertikoschnitt, with which only 3 Strecker at the upper end remains standing, which leads to a reversal education. In the somewhat lighter rows, this variant is tested 2006.

In the two Köwericher vineyards hardly good lumber was present due to the extreme infestation with Phomopsis. The goal wood was partly black from the infestation and gave accordingly it to much break when bending. The previous owner took plant protection here very easily.

In the Leiwener Laurentiuslay was the cut unspektakulär, since good strong wood was and the pendulum elbow education suggests surprises hardly.

The next topic throws a view back on bending the vines.

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