Am I still with understanding?

That must probably ask myself I. Finally I am actually as standard equipment software developer – pardon, electrical engineer.

But one is to be surprised as fast one an actually interesting Tägitkeitsfeldes tired becomes, if a few essential things are missing: Contacts with other humans for example. And at all, software development was in former times differently… however I wants not to deviate, but me briefly present:

My name is Miki, I is father of two boys and son of a winegrower its profession me is enough for a long time was all the same. Now I took nevertheless then the apprentice’s final examination (, so erbärmlich one catches on) as a winegrower. With some other not less interesting and not less interested specialists from beyond I could in the last winter the qualification seminar of the domain Avelsbach in Trier visit and beside the fundamental lessons had we also unite fun.

Now however notorious Ernst is to become and i.e. from a few leased Wingerten is by understanding and fate good wine and from it then good money to be produced from this.

As much understanding remained to me nevertheless then that I do not work in vain. And THERE we are with the Pudels core:
“Can one develop a successful winegrower enterprise today from zero?”

At it sometime profitably work without itself wund to schuften and at it also some more for the pension aside put? I state one can! One must throw however a few old opinions over board and take new “innovations” critically under the magnifying glass.


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