Confusion completely

Today thus times again something seriousness.

Times honestly: Who looks with the German wine designation right still through?

Thus I have there already my problems. How is it to only look in the head of the consumer? Can a layman know that with a high plant the grapes/clusters not more highly hung than otherwise? OK ONE, the question is a little polarize-mixes however belongs it to general knowledge that a high plant rebsortenrein is? Why doesn’t one call it then in such a way?

Does a consumer know the fact that the winegrower of a producer filling was present with the filling persönlch even if except house were abgeflascht? Still does someone look through with Selection, Classic, wine seals, drying, fine-harsh and CO?

To be silent from foreign customers times completely.

Can a genuine wine connoisseur due to a price list and/or a description of wine judge whether the Dingenshausener monastery garden selection is really better than the Brummelsheimer Schieferlay late vintage? There are so many influences, which affect the taste beside the Mostgewicht also still that the Mr. Bürokraten could define still whole volumes of designations, rules and categories.

Actually the geschmackliche estimate of a Weines resembles a weather forecast due to the label.

My result: Over board with the Schnörkeln! The customer uses eh usually the price as quality indicator.

Everything which auf’s label must would come on the back. In front on the label the question would remain:

What interests the customer?
the Rebsorte
the quality – my suggestion: 1 – 5 stars
the Geschmacksrichtung – my suggestion: Instruction the remainder-sweet
the class

Since the customer is delivered anyway for better or for worse the winegrower, it can equal just as well on its faculty of judgement leave and it believe that the selection of this year from good situation of only 3 stars is worth, the late vintage from the flat situation in November was however only harvested and it therefore money for 4 stars is worth.


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