Expensive hobby

“I would work, could not not afford I the viticulture”, then it formulated once a supplementary income winegrower.

“Stopping!! Stop immediately! With the viticulture! ”, legend I there only. How can it be that people subsidize themselves the viticulture, as it were as exclusive, expensive hobby, and thus the professional colleagues the prices to destroy?
Because only that, ruining the market, can be the result of such an attitude.

Thus it is once and for all clear: If I cannot sometime make money properly with the viticulture, then he is adjusted.
And in order to increase my and other people chances, in this Blog still hopefully a few goal-oriented topics will be discussed.

In principle I would like to consult a few criteria for good decisions, from a good friend and way companion, who made straight its diploma in NLP:
Alexander Papanastassiou is already assessed due to its genes philosophically in Brussels living a Greek and as such.
I geklaut and see the following criteria from its current Blog there, her fit not badly.

Each decision in the life, and concomitantly the question in which way I viticulture operate, should the following criteria meet:
Positives a formulation: “I do not want to sell” – any more to good wine for good money, in addition, not less.
Under my control: I point at any time how much work time, means, money, profit an action necessarily.
Can be tested: With tidy recordings and a healthy honesty opposite itself everything becomes clear and clear. Numbers do not lie.
In the context: In the context of my possibilities, means and my family.
Ecologically for all involved ones: If the work load should zuückgehen sometime on a normal measure, then all profit in the family from it.
The ultimative goal: Harmony, advancement, growth, satisfaction
The price: The time, which it necessarily, which is missing to me with my wife and my children, the money that to me for other things is missing.
Coherency with me: The knowledge that this is exactly that which I would like. The good feeling comes with each sunset in the vineyard.
Eleminiert the reached the problems? – Which was the problem again? Oh, more nature, more nativeness, more frequently with the family to noon eat, more contact with humans, own trying out…

No further questions!


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