Firm one celebrated

This was thus the nineteenth Leiwener young winegrower wine sample (if I had counted correctly) and like always it worked behind the stage professionally to and before the stage highly.
I am still the opinion that it us (the group of winegrower dances and the young winegrowers) so easily none copy about 1500 people blow upon blow 19 wines to kredenzen. Überhaput is it a genuine secret, why each year is again the Bude to to the edge filled and the tendency over-cooks again and again.
The slogan of the lining up election to the Bundestag perfectly cannibalized in the yearly selection sample. Before the large column temple with the label “the election campaign center presented and the two “foreign” Weinkommentatoren to have like always by eloquenten word joke brilliert the new Riesling to the German Riesling” cabinet.

The Showeinlagen of the man singing association was again super. One can hardly arrange it for a foreign one the fact that the tendency cooks and the complete tent here thereby in the banks and mitgröhlte.

But that I beside the choice Leiwenern and the whaler with my colleagues was interviewt as a choice winegrower on the stage was I very gratefully. Now point stop to everyone which we intend, and the fact that I have with my statements quite says to me the large Zuspruch which I in the course of the evening got.


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