Into the own bag lied?

A view over the sense and nonsense of a certain educating form thus should be my first topic.

This is that, over which I me at present at most the hair zerraufe: the Moselpfahlerziehung, also admits as heart connection.

Since I lead across each man minute in my steep situations book, I can say that the Moselpfahlerziehung aufwändigste all of my educating forms am.

The current Arbeistzeitkontostand January until today:
Pendulum elbow education = 450h/ha
Moselpfahlerzieung = 730h/ha.

That says everything.

And there I had to listen to at that time still from the woman of my lessor, “would give myself nevertheless the better Mostgewichte”. How ask? With an ingate level of up to 20 Augen/qm?
And how is with this 30-40cm long stub impulses as far as three the grapes/clusters to carry are?

I look honestly said for reasons, why this kind of educating is not yet exterminated. It is probably as Achim matte from footstep home it yesterday appropriate formulated (e.g. regarding the work with the Aufbinden):

“The people lie themselves into the bag.”

Better one could not have said it.

Thus my action consequences for this winter are clear: Either we the Wingert in wire put or on taps cut.

If I consider like many elbows alone in the spring am again come up, becomes bad me. Clearly – it happens when binding because of experience/Fingerfertigkeit/care/stupidity/etc. lacking but it shows simply that this kind of educating is too unmanageable.

In former times each work procedure in the Wingert was designed for as high a yield as possible. Then on as high a Mostgewichte as possible. In my (actual) profession, the software development, there was a similar development over years:
In former times software programs on minimum memory consumption were optimized, because memory chips were expensive. Then on fast remark speed. Today both are memory and arithmetic performance for cheap money to be had and on which do we respect now with the development of software?

The minimization of the work time is optimized for providing and later developing of the program further.

(This optimization drives at present also strange blooms, but that is a topic for another Blog)

Transferred to the viticulture here exactly the same applies: A plant must be designed for as effective a completion of all work as possible. Also in the steep rock slope. Straight one under our present economic conditions.

In addition gibt’s with the DLR Mosel a very interesting paper on Edar Mueller.

Thus my result: With the use and the effectiveness of the Moselpfahlerziehung we lie ourselves into the bag. Thus away with it!!!


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