Robber leader

Everyone a quite steep vineyard has to switch off knows the frustrating feeling, if one slipped on direct way upward, e.g. in order straight drying current pump urgently for the third time and upward finally equally with hands and with feet its laborious way clears, in order hyper+ventilating and with pulse impact up to neck to then arrive above.

In order to prepare for my frustration an end, I considered myself, would be it not great stairs in the vineyard to be had, at least in the steepest part? But who wants already with pointed heel and to drag and then it buries shovel thick stones also still in such a way that they do not slip with the next rain again down? Thus a lighter solution must ago.

And here is it!

I present the economical vineyard auxiliary stairs for building.
Are needed:
– 2 vineyard anchors like it at each line end are present,
– 40m Rispenband (for stairs of 20m length)
– approx. 60 Holzscheite
– a packing V2A screws

And so gehts:
As evident in my expert sketch, the Holzscheite is fastened surely with the screws on two Rispenbändern lying next to each other. The number of Scheite as well as whether one sharpens rather or rather flatten Scheite used depends on the upward gradient of the stairs. At the upper end then something must become gefummelt (welded), in order to fasten the stairs to the anchors.
The advantage is, one can the stairs comfortably at home build and then in the vineyard simply unreel. To safe attachment is to be paid attention!

It is in my opinion also not worse a not straight safe de luxe model, but than slate stairs with wobbly stones.


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