A question of the strategy

At our Sundays walk of yesterday we went past with us admitted winegrowers and before the rain refuge searching in its trying room stored ourselves. We received apart from a few Gläsern grape juice for the children also the customer discussion.

It is already toilsome to bring its wine at the customers. One sacrifices two hours of its around finally 18 or 24 bottles wine to sell Sunday in the afternoon. OK ONE – the customer was advised well, was to be high-content and possibly Christmas shut will again slam. Therefore am not I today.

We ask ourselves at present, which general marketing direction for our Weingut is to be hit. In addition there are probably following both extremes:

1. Well going wine tube been because of the yard with catering trade and culture program, as meanwhile quite well positioned a Weingut in Longuich , directly at the motorway exit, in the middle in the vineyards. In this case one sells nearly everything starting from yard, a majority in the open bar cash. One is usually at home, must however for its customers into the late evening be available and must itself one sends wine tube to furnish (expensively).

2. Wine dispatch and/or marketing over third. There hardly still customers would come specially past separate one operate his acquisition in such a manner that one can ship directly, either directly to the customer or to the middleman. There one is much on the way for transport or acquisition. One has enormous transport costs or must with the paragraph over third its margins a good piece down-turn.

The truth lies probably somewhere between them for the very most practicing winegrowers. The question is, in which direction one wants to move.

In addition one must answer oneself to a few questions:
– Are I the Entertainertyp that for hours guests maintained can?
– Lies my Weingut traffic-favorably or have to torment itself customers for hours by the Pampa?
– Are I gladly on the way?
– Search I customers for my wines or I fit myself my haven foil one Customers on?

Difficult questions, if one has the total liberty of the choice. We tend probably rather toward the second solution. How far one must die there however compromises will show up.


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