Big bread ago

One NO man. Far we are not any longer away of it:

There nevertheless some time ago more or less friendly masters of the ADDS emerged and stated it in its vineyard bad amelioration measures with a dozer implemented with my neighbour.
big bread
After the good winegrower this answered in the negative, the gentlemen meant “nevertheless, but, which we can prove! ” zückten, and unverblümt a few sowing elite photos (!) the plot, on which a dozer was probably undoubted to course.

There the good winegrower was not badly astonished – and for me remains also spit away. It shocks me already that the Mr. Zugriff on time near sowing elite clearing-up photos of viticulture regions have and in their stress-free time on enormous amounts of such photos small dozers to search.

But a building contractor confirmed it: If one tilted a few cubic meter surface soil into its vineyard, then one needs an official permission around this with a dozer to distribute. I am again and again surprised, for which one needs everything in such a way in this republic a permission, let alone, for which there is all licensing procedure, and/or people, which invent actions subject to approval…

Last end was right our good winegrower however nevertheless: The friendly gentlemen were equipped thanks the benediction of the information age well with digital photos, against own carelessness were however not protected them:
The vineyard lay in an high-official consolidation of farmland area where straight with support of the European Union and thus completely legally and without influence of the good winegrower was planed.


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