Sorry for the long still, but the vintage hardly left opportunity.

The good message first: In Klüsserath there were 25 litres of all dried up grapes/clusters berry selection with 144°Oechsle. I am a little proud on my first wine . It köchelt super slowly before itself (in a 30L-Bierfass )

Otherwise there was late vintage and a selection. We have “only” the putrid grapes/clusters rausgelesen, i.e. about 80-90%. To a small break end of this week is further with the vintage. There we are times strained, which is still offered.

With some beginner problems I have to fight still much. It showed up that despite Enzymierung up to 40% Trub remained standing, itself sedimentation opposed wehement. Thousand thanks apply there for my neighbour Burkhard Jostock, which helped out me kindly with a yeast filtration. Für’s next year must be created here urgently remedy.
I assume however that apart from the rot degree above all our old screw press at the dilemma is debt.

Stupid way did not become also my fermenting cooling in time the vintage finished and now to ferment the Moste in the express speed with well 10°Oe per day. There is change need also here, however this problem with a schäferen Mostvorklärung will probably put from alone.

First improvements should show up in the second round this week already. Control rooms wir’s off.


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