Last week

Last week I swivelled still the useful Holzfässer, which are still in our cellar.
A Fuder rests already in a Holzfass. Unfortunately I can for lack of Moneten not completely with high-grade steel tanks cover itself up and must therefore to the good old Holzfässer fall back.

Lately one deliberates oneself anyway the fact that in this bundle still maturing processes run off, which remain malfunctioned for the wine stored in the high-grade steel.

There however my dilemma lies: A few Holzfässer easy defects have and would have to be repaired. Who can still make sowas?

I believe the Fassküfer am a becoming extinct race among the craftsmen. That is more than unfortunate, because I know still some winegrowers still in the Holzfass develop and very good wines produce.

Thus do I become on weekend the few telephone numbers of (former?) Fassküfern through-ring, which I together-looked for laboriously to find in hope still someone which still exercises its handicraft.


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