Thus there are actually still people

Thus there are actually still people, which in he pension again blossom and take up an old handicraft again.

Rudolf Biwer from Kasel is like that one.

He has to build again begun Holzfässer now and is pleased at any time about orders. And like it reported me, considerable viticulture domains again large quantity of Holzfässer (Fuder) ordered. So completely the wood barrel development did not become extinct yet.

My thanks to it, for the expert investigation of our Holzfässer and the maintaining and cleaning tips from first hand.

Here a few its basic rules:
No chemistry! None pickles uses, separates only heissbrühen.
Coldly nachbrühen! Super+importantly. Cold water is still the best cleaning. Particularly the cold Nachbrühen removes the dirt, which was loosened by the Heissbrühen. The Spunte does not forget to lock, so that a vacuum develops.
Store Brühen with cold water after that. A few days, then taste. Repeat if necessary again.
Storage with 70g/1000l SO2 and 3kg citric acid, in order to produce a wine-similar environment.
Keep bung full!

If one considers everything with storing, one can actually save the Heissbrühen, since the barrels are always clean. Before the autumn rinse out and completely.


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