Annual report – Aufbinden

Here thus a few remarks over the Aufbinden of this year and the differences, which resulted between the individual educating forms.


Aufbinden could be omitted in Klüsserath due to the Vertikoerziehung completely.

Into the Leiwener vineyard due to good breaking out only two rope were drawn and thus all impulses were directed upward, without in-shortening they. We copied a Aufbindemaschine thus by hand.
In the upper Köwericher vineyard showed up the enormous expenditure of time for this work, above all if one broke out still insufficiently. The work time of breaking out was again well saved with the Aufbinden. Nevertheless all impulses had to be in-shortened, which contradicts present quality philosophy.

Into the lower Köwericher vineyard due to the high work expended exactly as in the Leiwener vineyard two rope were drawn, although this for this kind of educating atypical is and represented only one Notlösung. Although hardly time could be saved, at least the sprouts did not have to be cut before the bloom with this measure.

A work time saving did not arise thus as a result of the use that rope, however a better sheet fruit relationship was reached.

It can general be said that the vineyards were up-bound quite late, since due to breaking out the remaining impulses grew very strongly and fast and so that at the time of the Aufbindens very easily broke, and/or had already broken off. It can be proceeded from approximately 20% loss by broken off impulses.

The next article turns around the Entblättern of this year.2


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