Annual report – again

Here thus my experiences of this year:

To produce the Entblätterung around the bloom accomplished with the goal by Assimilatknappheit a certain Verrieselung and thereby loosened up grapes/clusters. In addition itself so the small berries can equal against the sun abhärten.

Like differently to expect the Entblättern did not run in the Leiwener vineyard due to the wire framework education and the grape/cluster zone very much limited thereby most effectively.

Also in single stake education, similarly the wire framework education with ropes was up-bound was easy the work “umgemodelten” to settle.

In both vineyards also the effect of the loosened up grapes/clusters was most clearly visibly and extraordinarily satisfying.

In the pure Moselpfahlanlage and the Vertikoschnitt only moderately entblättert due to the short impulses and the high expenditure due to the stature form.

War’s it already and tomorrow concerns plant protection and its costs.


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