Annual report – Bend

In the context of my annual report here the second article, which concerns itself with the bending of the vines 2005.

To bend could be void in the Vertikoweinberg completely.

The Strecker in the Leiwener vineyard (pendulum elbow) was fastened partly not sufficiently to the wire, which was strengthened still by the bad tension of the old wires. For two-year Strecker with tap cut like I planned it 2006, must become strained the wires.

The two Köwericher of vineyards needed the largest work input due to the Moselpfahlerziehung. It was shown that easily errors can be made: If the elbows wrongly to be platziert to stand it to the slope arranged and the grapes/clusters hang in the dirt. Same applies to be too deeply fastened if it or the wire around the stake is wound, which leads to it the this slips. The elbow must be fastened above to highest place, otherwise the elbow under the load of the grapes/clusters bends. If the binding wire is not pulled firmly enough, above all if it is gerödelt by hand, it can loosen. If it is pulled too firmly, it happens frequently that the wire tears. The result is always the same: The grapes/clusters hang in the dirt. All in all the Moselpfahlerziehung is very labor intensively and extremely error-prone when binding.

After a consultation with Mr. Simonis of the DLR Mosel and consultation with other winegrowers, 2006 all vineyards in the single stick on taps are cut: approx. 3 tap with ever 3 eyes.

Never again elbows! Thus the Rebschnitt is simplified dramatically, since no more goal wood must be selected and deseamed and binding is void completely.
Estimated operational saving by this measure: over 100 Akh/ha only related to Rebschnitt and binding.

In the next article it concerns the expenditure and success of breaking out.


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