Annual report – leaves work & thinning out

Since it gives to say to the leaves cut of this year not too much, here the analysis of thinning out is added equal.

Leaves cut

The Wüchsigkeit of all plants was generally satisfying. In Klüsserath due to the wuchstarken document 5BB somewhat more strongly, in Köwerich probably due to the strong previous year load somewhat more weakly.

With twice leaves cut was everything done, exactly as intended.

Thin out

Removing the grapes/clusters took place in the second August week. This date was already too late for the very wüchsige Vertikoanlage also due to the damp weather, since to this date sealing-off features at the grapes/clusters were to be seen. Also many berries were hurt by dividing the large Gescheine, which became already slowly soft.

Nevertheless no secondary infections were to be observed. Luck had!
In the plants in those and those was well entblättert particularly loose grapes/clusters exhibited, was only very moderately thinned out.

In the Moselpfahlanlage (Köwerich above) on all stub impulses on a grape/cluster per impulse and this was back-cut with appropriate size still divided around a tidy sheet fruit relationship to ensure.

In the next contribution the expenditure is regarded briefly during the reading.


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