Annual report – plant protection

Here a small review of our plant protection measures of this year:

Plant protection

Treated due to the extremely strong Phomopsisbefalls in the previous year the two Köwericher of vineyards drove out directly off twice before the beginning of the helicopter squirting. Afterwards Phomopsis was 2005 still to small extent in the vineyard present.

After end the of the squirt still three times by hand, the the last mark treat to the third weekend, in order can let the the grape hang if possible to at the end of October/at the beginning of November.
The total costs for plant protection lay very highly. After a determination of the costs due to the used up plant protection agents and the reallocation of the helicopter costs, the costs amount to standardized approximately 2000 € per hectar and require urgently the optimization.

In the course of the summer amazingly many Rebstöcke showed acute dying features, probably due to of Esca. Some could be protected by immediate removing of all grapes/clusters and thus a discharge death. All sticks are replaced mark us in the winter by new vines.


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