Annual report – Rebschnitt

In a small series of articles I will recapitulate now again the work of the yearly and will analyze all accomplished work. Today the first part about Rebschnitt.
Altogether four vineyards were managed:
Klüsserather brother shank (butter mountain) – a Vertikoanlage with wuchstarker document in best situation
Köwericher Laurentiuslay (down) – an extremely steep vineyard in Moselpfahlerziehung
Köwericher Laurentiuslay (above) – a vineyard in Moselpfahlerziehung on stony soil
Leiwener Laurentiuslay – an easily steep vineyard in pendulum elbow education.

The Rebschnitt was begun quite late 2005 according to first estimate, which however from health view for the vines is favourable. Therefore this is to make so far it work technical can, be maintained.

The expenditure was higher in the Vertiko than with the other vineyards. Due to the large number taps, had to be made per stick of at least 30 cuts. Although in the vineyard each second row was already removed, it stands still too closely for another Vertikoschnitt, with which only 3 Strecker at the upper end remains standing, which leads to a reversal education. In the somewhat lighter rows, this variant is tested 2006.

In the two Köwericher vineyards hardly good lumber was present due to the extreme infestation with Phomopsis. The goal wood was partly black from the infestation and gave accordingly it to much break when bending. The previous owner took plant protection here very easily.

In the Leiwener Laurentiuslay was the cut unspektakulär, since good strong wood was and the pendulum elbow education suggests surprises hardly.

The next topic throws a view back on bending the vines.


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