Annual report – result

Here thus promised like a small summary of the yearly in data and facts:
Result of the external works

It is shown as expected that the work expended is significantly smaller in wire-supported plants in the comparison to the Moselpfahlerziehung.

A driving out squirting can dam a strong Phomopsisbefall effectively and is continued.

A separation from breaking out and Aufbinden helps the work point in the early summer to caps.

Drawing in that rope in the lower Köwericher vineyard brought, help no work time decrease under the line the impulses however to a larger length, which from qualitative view is positive. Since however the edge stakes for a such load were not intended by rope, it came increased to breaks. The plant is cut in the coming year on taps, completely without elbows.

In the wuchschwächeren plants in the winter a limewashing and a humus fertilization will take place.
Work expended

The entire average work expended was 2005 with 1129 Akh/ha. This will thus be optimized 2006 still substantially.

Due to the exact recording of the work times, a detailed analysis can be shown here.

Here a few interesting analyses:
All data are based on my exact notes of our work time. The picture is surely not representative for all enterprises, since with us a high manual expenditure is operated.

Proportional distribution of individual work procedures of different educating forms

In my opinion most interesting diagram.
The axles run from 0% in the center to 70% outside. For each vineyard one sees the portion the this of the total expenditure of the jeweilten activity has.
One sees clear that the pendulum elbow education is far inside in the net and therefore relatively because of few the expenditure prepared.


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