2,43 €

As much average German households in the LEH or Discounter paid German wine for a bottle in the year 2004.

I am about to read the market study report 4-2005. There it means among other things:

If one compares the average value of 2,43 €, the households ready was in the trade for German weissweine to be paid, with the value of 2,31 € for imported weissweine, then here still another price preference of 0,12 is present €/L in favor of German weissweine.

This comparison occupies the hard price competition, domestic wines by the open borders and the competition with the entire global wine world are suspended which.

Here it is pointed out that in the European neighboring countries
a comparably with wine production as for example France, Italy, Spain and Austria as well as Switzerland hard shelf competition do not prevail. Therefore are the domestic winegrowers strives by attractive wines from their international competitors – both qualitatively and in the quotation – to set off.

We Germans are already an amusing people. Everything must be as cheap as possible, but come exotically and from far on (wine e.g. from Chile, Australia, South Africa). If the producer is then geknebelt up to the existence threat, we are surprised that then scandals arise (see meat scandal) and to cry after laws.

Finally the consumer gets always what he earns, finally has it the choice between quality and cheap commodity.


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