Burning stone-cutter

Last week was I with my Winzeraspirantenkollegen Dieter sun in Veldenz. He is originally a stone-cutter however already since some years of successful noble burners in the Cor Vernum, a combination of manufacturers of noble fires.

Which it probably now in addition drives also still wine to manufacture…?

If wine should be however the quality of its fires to reach, stands to success nothing more in the way. I saw gold medals under his Schnäpsen, Trestern and fires nearly only and nothing Unprämiertes. Down see to her the Cover of a book, in which it is perpetuated as quality-creative already (ISBN: 3898803120)

Now I understood also finally in the detail, an how so Destillerie functions, although their handling needs still a quantity of experience.

I hear lately again and again that burning Trester no more is not worthwhile itself, in addition line up a law change, starting from those one then all high-per cent to pay duty must…

Clearly – the deliveries to the state are not straight few for 100 litres material, but there we are again with the question, the Retabilität. Cost control is only one side of the Medallie. With the high-per cent the costs are rather fixed and therefore must the selling price be correct. If one delivers hektoliterweise cheap Fusel to the trade, nothing comes with rum – except the destruction of the good reputation of the Tresters.

Result: Quality must be produced, which marked themselves out then also worthwhile on the bottle leaves.

I will not collect in any case my yeasts around it this year to burn – despite 6,2 litres of alcohol delivery per hl material – already alone around my fuel contingent to lose.


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