Quiet putting premiums

When I am taken off to the Rebschnitt this weekend, met I mean vineyard neighbours in the steep rock slope, which offered its vineyard to me for the lease or for the purchase.

Unfortunately I had to reject thanking. Thereupon it said to me, well then became it the Wingert stop evenly roden. Ask? Equal radical measures seize? I suggested managing the vineyard nevertheless still another one year extensively e.g. with tap cut, in the next year am it to me rather possible the vineyard to be taken over.

Oh no, got I thank to hear, this year would still give it around the 80 cent subsidy für’s to Roden. There it would rather take the money and would make the Wingert flat.

Thus I understand that correctly: One gets money of the European Union for the fact that one lets a singular wine culture landscape down-lie and destroys???

How can be? Who invented such hahnebüchenen mischief? I can understand that the European Union is interested in it small subsidy-corrosive enterprises to become loose, after it maneuvered itself with a devastating policy of subsidizing into the misery, but that sowas thereby probably the summit is rauskommt.

Money should give it at the most, if vineyard surfaces are transferred to enterprises, which continue to manage the surfaces, not for it that one the Moseltourismus sabotaged.

Where still is all this to lead???


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